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When you were a kid, I can bet that you are fascinated with your mom’s makeup or nail polish set and can’t seem to have enough of it, right? Whenever she prepares for an event, party or special occasions, you are as curious as a cat watching her. That’s alright, most of us have been there. Oh well, somehow, we wanted to experience it as well. Now, for sure, your kid feels exactly the same way. So, it’s about time that you share the excitement and fun with them. Nowadays, there are hypoallergenic cosmetic products that are safe for children to use and do not have any negative side effects on the skin. Although, it is not advisable for them to use it on an everyday basis, certainly, there are days of which you both could have a little fun with it.


Furthermore, aside from makeup, there’s another fun and enjoyable way that you both could have fun while spending time with each other. Prepping each other’s nails with the Jamberry nail wraps. These are vinyl sheets that are pressure and heat activated to adhere to your nail for a long lasting and beautiful look. These nail wraps are durable, stylish with over 300 unique patterns, cheaper than nail salon trips and nail polish, and most of all, toxic-free (totally safe for children). To learn more about it and the business itself, you can check the Jamberry Independent Consultant business review, or you can ask a free sample from a Jamberry consultant and try it out for yourself.


Now, we don’t want to wait any longer because we totally understand your excitement. So, without further ado, we’ve listed the Jamberry nail wraps that you and your precious angel could both enjoy whenever you have a party to go to, special occasion or event to celebrate, holidays, or whenever you are in the mood for some prepping up.



Peanuts Collection by Jamberry

jamberry peanuts

Everybody loves Charlie Brown! Not to mention, his best friend, Snoopy. Peanuts have been an iconic comic strip written and illustrated by Charles M. Schulz. It ran from October 2, 1950, to February 13, 2000, continuing in reruns afterward and was adapted into an animated feature film in 2015. Now, if you and your kid are huge fans of peanuts, then, the Peanuts nail wrap collection by Jamberry would be perfect for the both of you. Inspired by good ‘old Charlie Brown® and his iconic zig-zag t-shirt, the ‘Charlie Brown® Jr.’ design is the perfect choice for your kid. Also, lifelong friends, Snoopy® and his little yellow sidekick, Woodstock®, featured in playful Jamberry junior design, ‘The Beagle Jr’, is impeccable for any little peanut.



Disney Kids Collection by Jamberry


I can bet that everyone would agree with me when I say, every kid we know loves Disney. Even the kids at heart, too! In each of us, there’s a little princess who patiently waits for our dreams to come true and a prince charming to rescue us from our distress. Now, every kid also aspires to be a princess just like you, hence, there’s no reason for them not to feel like one or even wear one. From Belle of Beauty and the Beast in ‘Bonjour Belle Jr.’, and Cinderella in the ‘Dream the Impossible Jr.’, up to Mulan in ‘Reflection of Beauty Jr.’, certainly, you have a lot to choose from for your kid. With Jamberry’s Disney Kids Collection, your kid can feel the magic of fairytales.



Unicorn Dreams Nail Wrap by Jamberry

unicorn dreams

Children have a vivid imagination and have fascinations over mythical creatures, just like the Unicorn. Most of them often have questions if these mythical creatures can fly, or if they possess magic and bring good luck. Well, whether these are true or not, we can’t stop children from loving Unicorns. Just a sight of a Unicorn stuffed toy, image, memorabilia, or cartoons, kids all over the world can’t seem to have enough. Plus, the experience of a Unicorn ride simply makes every kid’s day extra fun! Good thing is, you kid could enjoy wearing one! With ‘Unicorn Dreams’ let your little one’s imagination run wild. Certainly, your kids would love seeing a lovely unicorn at their fingertips.



Rainbow Cutie Nail Wrap by Jamberry

rainbow cutie jamberry

Seeing a rainbow can paint a smile on everyone’s face especially to kids. I mean, when we’re not in the mood or feeling a little low, a sight of a rainbow can turn our day around. Rainbows are simply colorful and beautiful, right? Perhaps, this is the fun and majestic part after every rain. Now, every kid around the world undeniably loves rainbows and they can’t wait to see one. Whenever you ask them what their favorite color is, most of them would probably say, rainbow (although, it’s not actually a color, it’s a blend of colors.) Featuring sparkling stars and rainbows, your little one is sure to be looking cute as ever in this Jamberry Junior, ‘Rainbow Cutie’.



Pink Flamingo Nail Wrap by Jamberry

pink flamingo jamberry

Have you ever had that experience asking a kid or your little girl what their favorite color is and even if you aren’t finished with the question yet, they abruptly answer? We all do have that experience, I bet. Obviously, most of them would answer pink. Although, boys would certainly answer blue. The pink color signifies femininity, youth and it is primarily associated with princesses. If your precious little girl loves pink, then, a flamingo would be one of her favorite animals – they’re naturally pink-colored. Little pink flamingos and a matching polka-dot print are sure to stand out on your little one’s fingertips! It’s a must-have for your kid and you’ll be surprised how much she’d love it on her fingers.



Dinomite Nail Wrap by Jamberry

dinomite jamberry

Is your kid a fan of Toy Story’s Rex or The Land Before Time’s Littlefoot? Oh well, then your kid must have fascinations in dinosaurs. Although these prehistoric animals are vicious and dangerous in Jurassic Park, still, in animated feature film, they are adorable and cute. Of course, we won’t forget about the world’s most popular dinosaur – Barney. Everybody loves Barney and this has been one of the main reasons why children love dinosaurs. Plus, the creation of Ice Age and other dinosaur-themed animated films. Now, you can let your kid show off cute dinosaurs on their fingertips. With multi-color dinos on white and a roar that won’t stop, Jamberry’s ‘Dinomite’ wraps are perfect for your little future paleontologists! These juniors have a bite and it simply screams ‘Rawr’!



Coney Island Nail Wrap by Jamberry

coney island jamberry

What’s more fun than spending a day at the amusement park? For kids, nothing else comes close. Of course, when we say amusement park, the first thing that we would probably think of is Coney Island in Brooklyn, New York. With over 50 rides and attractions, running out options is not going to be a problem. Aside from the rides and attractions, food stalls are everywhere – hot dogs, popcorn, chocolates, candies and most of all, ice cream! It’s one of the best ways to beat the summer heat. We all scream for ice cream with these colorful juniors! With shades of blue, pink, yellow and orange, little hands will be ready for finger licking fun!



Berry Cute Nail Wrap by Jamberry

berry cute jamberry

Does your kid love strawberries? Great! Whether fresh or frozen, there’s no denying that strawberries are a popular fruit, but they also pack a healthy punch. Oh well, when combined with chocolate, it’s more flavorful, that’s why children love dipping strawberries in chocolate fountains. Moreover, kids all over the world have already fallen in love with Strawberry Shortcake, and I believe your kid is one of the many who can’t get their hands off this doll. Good news, my friend. You kid can now wear strawberries and her favorite color on her fingertips. Featuring berries, daisies, and an adorable picnic-inspired gingham print, your little one is sure to be looking ‘Berry Cute’ in this junior design!



Pandamonium Nail Wrap by Jamberry

pandamonium jamberry

Pandas don’t need much description – they are simply cute and cuddly. We loved pandas, even more, when Kung Fu Panda was released on big screens. For the first time ever, we saw a panda that’s a master of Kung Fu despite his size and not to mention, incredibly funny. Po is just so adorable. And oh, for the love of pink! Cherry blossoms are indeed majestic and extraordinarily beautiful. If only we could grow them in our own backyards (just like in Japan). Incorporate these two and you’ll have a perfect combination. Nothing says cute like a baby panda and rosy pink cherry blossoms! This Jamberry junior design, ‘Pandamonium’, is the cutest lil’ thing for the cutest lil’ hands.



Little Birdie Nail Wrap by Jamberry

little birdie jamberry

Birds are one of the most common household pets, and kids of all ages love them. These avian creatures can be found in various sizes, colors, and other characteristics. Nevertheless, they are all charming and fascinating. Just hearing their chirp every morning makes us feel more alive and sets the mood for the day, especially for your little ones. This time, you no longer need to look for birds in any pet stores for your kids to enjoy and have a glimpse of these avian creatures. Your little birdie will be looking cute as ever in this Jamberry Junior design, ‘Little Birdie’ featuring cheeky red birds and a matching red and white polka.



Pug Life Nail Wrap by Jamberry

pug life jamberry

A dog is a man’s best friend – and a puppy is every kid’s dream pet. It may sound a bit cliché, but every time you ask a kid what they would like to receive as a gift on their birthday, most of them would say a toy, a baby brother/sister, or a puppy! One of the most popular dog breeds is the pug, which is characterized by a wrinkly, short-muzzled face, and curled tail. Pugs are small and even when they mature, they don’t grow any bigger than a foot. Still, they are cute. Now, you can let your kid bring the cuteness of this dog breed on her fingertips. Dress up your little one’s fingers and toes in this fun design, ‘Pug Life’, featuring adorable little pugs over a teal background.



Mommy And Me Collection by Jamberry

Alright, so, we’ve mentioned about junior Jamberry nail wraps that your kids would definitely enjoy since we don’t w2ant them to be left out from all the fun during parties, events, special occasions, or whenever you just feel like it. However, this time, we won’t let you feel the same way too. Hence, we’ve listed down Jamberry nail wraps that you and your daughter could both enjoy and have a matching design on your fingertips.



  • English Garden and Blooming Garden Nail Wraps by Jamberry









Roses are the secret to a girl’s happiness and with it, any day could be better and brighter. You and your kid would enjoy a matching manicure with Jamberry’s ‘English Garden and Blooming Garden Nail Wraps’. It’s like having your own tea party at your own back or front yard anytime you feel like it. A beautiful blush pink roses over polkas and stripes is a must-have accessory for anyone looking for a fun yet feminine look. These dainty wraps with punches of pink and navy are perfect for you and your little girl to wear even just on ordinary days.

  • Jewelry Box and Music Box Nail Wraps by Jamberry









Want a sparkly set of nails with a blend of pastel colors? Well then, Jamberry’s Jewelry Box and Music Box nail wraps are going to be perfect for you and your mini-me. In case you’re planning to attend a party, attending school activities such as family day, or even if you’re just at home and you want to spend a little time together, then prepping up a matching set of fingernails would be a great idea. Wrap on matching manicures for you and your tiny dancer with this enchanting sparkle design. The results are guaranteed to be Instagram-worthy!


  • Patriot and Little Patriot Nail Wraps by Jamberry









Feeling a little nationalistic or simply proud of your country? Well then, these wraps are perfect for you and your kid. Now that the 4th of July is nearing, you don’t have to look further for a star spangled banner-inspired accessory, Jamberry’s ‘Patriot’ and ‘Little Patriot’ nail wraps are all you need. These wraps feature three designs of red, white, and blue to show nationalistic support. It would be great if you’re going to attend the parades and activities on the 4th of July celebration. In case you want to add up the hype, might as well paint your faces with red, white and blue stripes!


  • Free Spirit and Carefree Nail Wraps by Jamberry









Who says geometry can’t be fun? In fact, it can bring an impeccable style to fashion if incorporated wisely. For you and your kid, who are into signature styles and fashionable items, Jamberry’s ‘Free Spirit’ and ‘Carefree’ nail wraps would just fit right in. Straight lines and triangles were never this fun! This blue and white mixed mani is a summer mani and pedi must-have, not just for you but for your junior. Modern triangles and simple stripes make the perfect wraps for juniors that are hip on the scene and up for anything. Regardless if you’re attending a party, event or just staying at home, you can never go wrong with these nail wraps.


  • Disney Princesses Collection by Jamberry

Once upon a time, you also dreamt of being a princess living in a castle with your prince charming. We all do have that same dream, and now, your kids share the same reverie as well. Needless to say, it’s every girl’s fantasy to become a princess. So now, even if you’re a grown-up, you can still reflect your inner princess together with your little girl and shine brightly. With Jamberry’s Disney Princesses collection, you and your little princess could feel the magic of being in a fairy tale. With a lot of options to choose from, you and your kiddo would definitely enjoy picking a design. If you want to channel your inner Belle, the ‘Bonjour Belle’ nail wrap would be perfect. If you want Cinderella, ‘Dream the Impossible’ nail wrap would fit your mood. No worries, aside from what we’ve mentioned, there are a whole lot more to choose from.